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Bus Timetables

What's operating and when over TT 2024?


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During the TT period from Friday 24 May to Saturday 8 June the Island’s bus services are subject to amendment or cancellation depending on racing and road closures.

There are lots of extra services and amendments which are detailed below. Some will require cross referencing to the full Summer bus timetable.


View the TT 2024 timetable


TT General Information

General information covering the TT period.


Getting to and from the Hospital

Last guaranteed services to the hospital main entrance can be found here.

When roads are closed you can use the 22v and 22k services which connect Lord street to St Ninians Triangle, and short walk over the footbridge to a connecting service on the inside of the course. this serves Willaston, Johnny Watterson's lane and the Hospital full details can be found here.


Getting to and from the TT Grandstand

During open roads and non racing periods travel to the TT Grandstand from Central Douglas (Lord Street Stand D) on Service 3 journeys.

During Road closures  and race periods the Grandstand can still be reached by using the services 22v and 22k which travels to St Ninians High School and a short walk to the Grandstand.

These depart Lord Street Stand D at 22 and 55 minutes past each hour. Full details on the 22v and 22k can be found here


Getting around the course on race days TT1, TT3 and TT6

TT1 - Port St Mary, Port Erin and Castletown to Grandstand and TT course

On race days this service will operate from the South of the Island and travel to Lord Street Douglas before continuing as a TT6, departing Port St Mary Harbour at 07:35am calling at Port Erin station, Shore Hotel, Castletown Bypass/School Hill and Ballasalla. You may continue on this service around the course as a TT6.

TT3 - Douglas and Grandstand to Creg-na-Baa

On race days this service takes you from Lord Street Douglas via the Grandstand to the Creg-ny-Baa grandstands and viewing areas. An amazing spot to watch the races! After the races we will come and collect you.

TT6 - Douglas /Ramsey to around the TT course

On race days only this service will take you to your favourite spots to watch the action.

Departing Lord Street Douglas at 0820am in a clockwise rotation serving Union mills, Crosby, Ballacraine, Cronk-y-Voddy, Kirk Michael, Ballaugh, Sulby and Ramsey

Departing Ramsey bus station at 0820am in an anti clockwise rotation serving Sulby, Ballaugh, Kirk Michael, Cronk-y-Voddy, Ballacraine, Crosby, Union Mills, Braddan Bridge and Grandstand.

Some of the best spots around the course!

Full details on these services can be found here


Changes to services when Roads are closed

There are diversions and changes to services during racing which can be found here. It also worth staying up to date on all travel updates or facebook.


Services to Jurby

There will be extra services between Ramsey and Jurby on 2 and 7 June only.

Please see the Extra bus timetable for these days.

All other days services to Jurby can be found on the usual bus timetables here.

We also have an on demand bookable minibus service called connectVILLAGES, this can be booked at the times you wish to travel via the app MANNgo, or by calling +44 (0)1624 697440.


Additional changes

Departures from Banks Circus, Douglas
During TT 2024 scheduled departures from Banks Circus may not be pos-sible. Anyone who normally boards their bus at Banks Circus is advised to travel to either Lord Street or Loch Promenade by any departure from Banks Circus.

Ramsey Departure Point
During TT 2024 all bus departures during TT Course closures are from the vacant site on
Albert Road opposite Ramsey Bus Station.

Wildlife Park
From Friday 24 May until Monday 10 June buses do not serve the bus shelter in the Wildlife Park
Buses travelling toward Ramsey stop at the car park entrance.
Buses traveling toward Kirk Michael for Peel DO NOT stop at the wildlife Park during this period.

Between Friday 31 May and Saturday 8 June when the enhanced TT Service is in operation,
Service 5/5c journeys between Peel and Douglas DO NOT serve Strang Road or Strang crossroads between 0900 & 1800. For travel from Strang to Douglas a temporary stop is located on
Nobles Hospital South Drive close to the Cronk Griannagh junction.

Peel Promenade
Due to additional traffic during the T.T. period buses do not serve the Peel Quayside and Promenade stops between Saturday 25 May and Sunday 9 June (inclusive).
Service 5/5c/6/6a/6c journeys operate from Tynwald Road via Albany Road to the Peel Town Hall stop.
Service 5 journeys then depart at the scheduled Peel Town Hall departure time.
Service 6/6a journeys to Ballawattleworth depart Peel Town Hall 1 minute after the House of Manannan time to Peveril Road and Ballawattleworth. During the period Friday 31 May to Saturday 8 June the enhanced Service 5/6/6a/6c timetable operates with resultant route variations.


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