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Leo Tomlinson

Nickname: Leo is pretty short but in school I did get Leelo, Lenny, Leopold 

Star Sign: Pisces, if you look up a typical Pisces apparently I am that 

Hobbies: I love my video games. I have a wealth of knowledge on movies which is great for quizzes, if they are only movie based quizzes that is 

Previous Horrible Jobs: Calling people up to get them to donate to charity....on mother’s day....at dinner time. I got shouted at for not being with my mum, I was in New Zealand

Big Break: Working as a colourist for a Spanish animated movie which then got nominated for best animated feature at the Oscars. I will forever hate Rango for beating us! 

Most Annoying Habit: Picking at my fingers till they are bleeding. 

Most Likely To Say: “Have you seen *insert film name*?” or “do you play video games?” 

Least Likely To Say: “Let’s go for a run” 

Favourite TV Show: The Office US or Parks & Rec are probably my most viewed shows

Favourite Food: Crispy Shredded Duck and Pancakes  

Embarrassing Moment: Accidently insulting/upsetting actor Sam Neil’s son in a very personal manner. (Details on request)

Most Memorable Moment: Seeing Lord of the Rings at the Sydney Opera House with a live orchestra and choir performing along with the movie.....oh and getting married 

Who's Your Hero: My wife, she has gone through so much but always remains strong for her family and is the most selfless person I’ve ever known 

How Would You Like To Be Remembered: As a kind person, who can make you smile and laugh at the hardest of times. And has some interesting stories to tell 

Best Chat-up Line: I have never really done chat up lines, I did ask my wife if she was adverse to snuggling when we were sharing a sofa the first night we met 

What Animal Do You Most Resemble: My wife and daughter said an Otter, make of that what you will 

Give 5 Words That Most Describe You: Honest, funny, kind, loyal, enigma 

Worst place been caught short: Staying at a new work-friend’s flat I’ve never been to after a night out, I was mid travels and was use to hostels where the toilet is out of the room and down a corridor, so that’s where I went until I realised I was in a hallway filled with doors to flats and I had no idea what room I just came out of, did I mention I was only in my boxers, had to get the lift down to reception where I then realised I couldn’t remember my new friends name to find the flat, I was a bit intoxicated. I suppose you could say I got caught short of my clothes 

Celebrity you most look like: I hear a lot of answers to this, use to be Frankie Boyle but most recently John Kearns when he was on task master looked scarily like me

If I was invisible for a day, I would: Probably just go around scaring people, maybe perform some impromptu hauntings

I never want to meet: Ellen DeGeneres, I’ve heard too many stories not to believe she ain’t that nice


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