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Ron Berry

Nickname: Boss

Star Sign: Leo

Hobbies: Music and cooking (the two go hand in hand)

Previous Horrible Jobs:  None – it’s been a privilege to have always been able to work

Big Break: Presenting a children’s show on radio

Most Annoying Habit: Being too tidy (I’m a bit OCD)

Most Likely To Say: It’s not rocket science

Least Likely To Say: Have a big pay rise

Favourite TV Show: Antiques Roadshow

Favourite Food: Curry

Embarrassing Moment: Throwing up in my mates newly decorated hallway

Most Memorable Moment: Being at the birth of my daughters

Who's Your Hero: My wife

How Would You Like To Be Remembered: Just being remembered would be a bonus

Best Chat-up Line: O look it’s a bed

What Animal Do You Most Resemble: A lion with a bad back 

Give 5 Words That Most Describes You: Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Dopey,Bashful.(Sneezy and Doc when I’m not feeling well)

Worst place been caught short: In the car on the motorway

Celebrity you most look like: Denis Hopper (apparently)

If I was invisible for a day, I would: Be invisible

I never want to meet: The devil

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