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Rob Pritchard

Nickname: Not sure – probably not a complimentary one!

Star Sign: Gemini

Hobbies: Hockey, Darts and Creative Writing

Previous Horrible Jobs: None

Big Break: My first full-time newspaper role

Most Annoying Habit: Picking my teeth

Most likely to say: Seriously?!

Least likely to say: LOL (When people say that out loud it kills me inside!)

Favourite TV Show: Blackadder

Favourite Food: Risotto

Embarrassing Moment: Don’t think the page is big enough for this one!

Most Memorable Moment: Winning my first ever league title in hockey

Who’s your hero: My Dad

How would you like to be remembered: That I was vaguely tolerable to be around!

Best chat-up line: Hard to say seeing as the success rate of them has been so low!

What animal do you most resemble: Something with the word ‘bald’ in its name

Give 5 words that most describe you: Friendly, loyal, chatty, social, sporty

Worst place been caught short: Thankfully, this has never happened

Celebrity you most look alike: Karl Pilkington (allegedly)

If I was invisible for a day, I would: Probably spend the day pranking people

I never want to meet: Donald Trump

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