Tony James

Nickname:  Don't have one...

Star Sign:  Capricorn

Hobbies:  Walking on the beautiful Isle of Man, The Island's amazing pubs, keeping up with the news & my record collection (Vinyl still rules!)

Previous Horrible Jobs: A Saturday job chopping bits of Cauliflowers all day!

Most Annoying Habit: None (Obviously)

Most Likely To Say: Wow, I've been after that album for ages

Least Likely To Say:  No, I'd rather not have a Jack Daniels, Thank you

Favourite TV Show: True Blood or Dallas

Favourite Food:  Pizza

Most Embarrassing Moment: Chatting to a girlfriend with a steamy conversation and leaving my microphone open, all through the 11 o'clock news.

Most Memorable Moment:  Now that would be telling!

Who's Your Hero: Kenny Everett comes close!