Chris Hedley

Nickname:  Chedley

Star Sign:  Capricorn

Hobbies: I'm a big fan of driving, and you could say I'm a bit 'fanatical' about the TT.

Previous Horrible Jobs: I'd love to say there haven't been any... But there was one! I'd start each day listening to a one-word command... 'BINS!!'. I wouldn't have minded, only I was the tea boy!

Big Break: Can I future-date this one?

Most Annoying Habit: Trying to convince the world of how amazing the TT Races are. 

Most Likely To Say: 'Y'alright' - my go to phrase when bumping into anyone I know or have ever met. I know I'm selling it well, but it's nowhere near as smooth in real life!

Least Likely To Say: 'My favourite football team is...'

Favourite TV Show: Dead heat this one, Family Guy / Big Bang Theory

Favourite Food: The edible kind. 

Most Embarrassing Moment: This is a head scratcher. There were a few particularly embarrassing moments that came to mind, but there's just one clear winner.

This happened around six years ago, I was working towards becoming a function DJ, and learning the ropes of the job. 

I was  helping a friend host an Oscars-Themed 21st Birthday Party. We had interviewed all the guests, on camera, and were now starting to welcome everyone into the main room. I had noticed my shoelace was untied, so I shuffled myself to the back of the corner in which we had set up our DJ Booth & Equipment and knelt down to tie it. After doing so, I stood up quickly, without realising the main power cable was tucked under the toe of my shoe. All I remember was being plunged into darkness with all the music stopping abruptly and simultaneously, and then that awful feeling of eyes burying into you. They all knew what had happened, and who had caused it. Needless to say I wanted to crawl up into a ball and disappear, although instead I had to fix the now badly bent plug, then wait for all the equipment to power up before making up for what I'd done. Ever since I've made sure all my cables are taped to the floor. Firmly. 

Most Memorable Moment: Graduating University on what had to be 2014's hottest day on record. Full suit, robes... Water please!

Who's Your Hero: I'm not sure I have a hero, but for argument's sake we'll go with John McGuinness. I'm quite a fan!