Academic warns of Brexit's impact on Island

An academic at a Scottish university says the Isle of Man faces an uncertain future because of fallout from Brexit.

Michael Keating is politics professor at the University of Aberdeen and director of the Economic and Social Research Council Centre on Constitutional Change.

In an online article, he's researched the possible effects Brexit would have on the Island.

And he's warning the Manx economy could face significant challenges in the wake of the UK's decision to leave Europe.

Professor Keating says the UK's withdrawal Bill won't apply here and so the Manx government will have to introduce new legislation - made more difficult by our relationship with the EU.

He also points out our finance sector needs continued access to European markets - something we can't negotiate ourselves.

And he says Island-based manufacturers face uncertainty because of withdrawal from the European customs union.

As well as that, Professor Keating says agriculture and fishing also have a difficult future if UK and EU law diverges.

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