Carol Cup 2018

The 3FM Carol Cup winners are...


Congratulations and well done! Have a look at our fantastic finalists! 

Cronk y Berry 


Anagh Coar School


Ballasalla School

Ballakermeen High School 

Marown School

 St Ninians Lower School - Choir

Foxdale Primary School 

St Ninians Lower School - Year 7 

The Buchan School

St Ninian's High School Vocal Group

 Onchan Primary 

 Storytime Nursery 

Scoill Vallajeelt Junior Choir

 Scoill Vallajeelt Year 1 / 2 

Castle Rushen High School

Peel Clothworkers Choir

Peel Clothworkers Year 4

Kewaigue Primary School

Ballacottier Primary School

Laxey School


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