Leah Brooks

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Nickname:  I don't have a nickname...

Star Sign:  Pisces

Hobbies:  Mountain Biking, swimming, binge watching netflix, pizza

Previous Horrible Jobs: Worked at Laura Ashley as an awful sales assistant - glad I wasn't on commission I'm pretty sure I sucked

Big Break: Here I suppose...

Most Annoying Habit: I don't have an annoying habit - I'm perfect

Most Likely To Say: I'm hungry

Least Likely To Say: Yes! I'd love to run a marathon with you

Favourite TV Show: Archer & Gilmore Girls & Game of Thrones

Favourite Food:  Pizza & chips

Most Embarrassing Moment: I don't really do embarrassing as I have very little shame. 

Most Memorable Moment:  My wedding day.

Who's Your Hero: I am my hero - I'm phenomenal.