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3FM started broadcasting in October 2004 and is now established as the number one music radio station for the Isle of Man.

Over 68% of all females and over 56% of all males aged between 25 and 45 years listen to 3FM everyweek (RAJAR June 2012) and our audience continues to grow.

Our target market is your target market.

Today’s Isle of Man consumers live in a highly mobile society and throughout a typical day operate in a multitude of environments. For an advertiser, the ability to target an audience under these circumstances is a daunting one. But the power of radio reaches beyond audience delivery. Radio is interactive and has the power to reach people in all sorts of places – cars, kitchens, at work, in bed – so it’s not surprising that the medium is the most popular in the Isle of Man with 91% of all island adults (15+) listening on a weekly basis.

Radio is an immediate medium that can be used to generate an instant response. As any call centre will confirm, an increase in the volume of calls can be directly attributable to the playing of a commercial on a station or programme. Radio is intimate. Listeners have an affiliation to radio that cannot be replicated.

Radio has an enormous ability to be creative through unusual and memorable use of voices, sound effects and music. One of the greatest misconceptions of radio advertising is that it is limited by its inability to use the visual. However, theatre of the mind is a very powerful tool when developing radio commercials.

Radio increases Share of Mind. The high frequency of exposure which a radio campaign delivers by comparison to other media gives a brand greater opportunity to grow awareness in the minds of its target audience.

Radio offers the advertiser diversity. Advertising on radio is not restricted to conventional methods and the medium’s diversity is being increasingly capitalised upon. For instance, strong promotional activity is a feature on 3FM. Sponsorship of these promotions can be a very effective way for an advertiser to drive positive association for their brands.

3FM also offers top of the range commercial production facilities with our award winning copywriters on hand to ensure that your business talks to the right islanders, at the right time and in the right place.

Radio is the most powerful and cost effective medium there is.

3FM has the most experienced commercial, marketing and management radio team on the Isle of Man. Our staff have worked at the highest levels in the media industry for some of the biggest companies in Europe and they bring huge experience to work with your brand.

Training is also vital for our business so team members have completed courses and hold awards with the Chartered Institute of Marketing and the Chartered Management Institute.

Get in touch with the team today to find out more about what radio can do for your product/brand.

3FM is growing and we can grow your business as well.

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